The Story Behind Thriverr

Hey, I'm David! I've created Thriverr in early 2018 to help you build and grow your own business online. It's the platform that I wish I had when I was first starting out. 

I've been building businesses online since 2013. During these years I failed a ton. But I eventually managed to make a decent living from it. I'm not a millionaire (yet) and I don't consider myself an expert. However, during my journey, I've come across a lot of helpful tools, smart strategies, powerful tactics and brilliant mentors. And here on Thriverr I transform everything into valuable content that helps you save time and money.

However, the content on Thriverr is not exclusively created from my personal experience but also from other people who share valuable insights. This way, Thriverr will be the ultimate go-to place for all resources you need to start and build your own business.

My Failures:

  • Startup in the fashion-tech and AI space (Never went past the MVP) 
  • Produce and sell a carry handle for bags (Never went past prototype)
  • Dropshipping with Aliexpress (2x)
  • Print On Demand clothing brand (2x)

My Successes:

  • Mindfunnel - An agency for conversion optimization and digital marketing [active]
  • Hellogenius - A German-based web dev & AI boutique based on word-of-mouth [active]
  • E-Commerce - I resold brand-name underwear on eBay [closed]
  • Platform/Blog - I promoted Startups and visitors could rate their business model [sold]

My Educational Background:

I'm a professionally trained computer scientist and I'm currently finishing my Master studies in Economic Sciences. I've also worked at a Big 4 consulting company and an investment firm. However, 99% of my skills that I use for my business are from Google, Youtube, Books, Udemy, Gary Vaynerchuck, André Chaperon, Miles Beckler and trial and error. 

Why I'm an Entrepreneur:

I'm in love with Entrepreneurship and being able to create something myself from nothing and earn money from it. For me, it is about creating a life worth living and experiencing as much as the world has to offer while maximizing happiness in my one single lifetime. And with Thriverr I want to help you achieve the same.

Talk to you soon!
- David Lux