3 Secret Benefits of Blog Posts And How They Fuel Your Funnel

Content is King, they say.

But why is that?

Is it because blog posts are great for organic search traffic, sharability and establishing authority,…?

Yes to all of the above. However, there are 3 more not so obvious but yet very powerful benefits of blog posts.

Especially when it comes to sales funnels and acquiring customers and leads.

Have you ever heard of the phrase:

A successful business is about putting the right product in front of the right audience.

Whether it’s your first time hearing it or if you’re all familiar with it, I guess we can both agree on the truth of the principle it conveys.

Now, let’s add something to it:

A successful business is about putting the right product in front of the right audience. And convincing them of buying said product or service.

I needed to add that because that’s exactly what blog posts do for you and your business. They actually make targeting and convincing your audience a piece of cake.

Here is why:

#1 Blog posts trigger reciprocity

Blog posts provide value to your audience. (At least, that’s what they should do.) It doesn’t matter if you entertain your readers or help them solve a problem or reach their goals. By publishing or sharing blog posts you’re giving your audience something of value, for free.

This results in one very important thing.

It creates leverage.

Since the beginning of mankind, our society relies on the rule of reciprocity. Meaning that if we get something, we’re are likely to give something back in return. That’s why there are giveaways, free lead magnets, trials, you name it.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook from Gary Vee is only a fancy way of describing the rules of reciprocity. It’s all about giving before taking. The more value you give the more leverage you build and the more you can expect to get in return. (Well, one shouldn’t expect anything from anyone, but you get the point)

Blog posts fall right into this category of giving value. If you give your audience a great piece of content they feel kind of obligated to give back. Even though it only happens subconsciously. You’ve put something ‘in the bank’ if you will.

Besides that, your readers get to know, like and trust you. Which further increases the chance of acquiring them as a lead or customer. The same way as you would rather return a favor to a friend as opposed to a random stranger.

#2 Blog posts move prospects up the awareness ladder

If you’re not aware of the awareness ladder (no pun intended) – here is a short explanation.

The awareness ladder describes the different stages of the buying process. So, all the steps your prospect is going through, from “not aware of a problem or need” to “I need your solution!”.

benefits of blogging

The credit for this concept goes to Ben Hunt. He describes the awareness ladder in more detail in his book Convert.

Now, where do blog posts come into play?

They can help you close the gap from one step on the awareness ladder to the next. Let’s look at an example.

Someone has shown interest in your product but is not 100% sure about what it can do for him exactly. Now, this is the perfect time to tell him about the “5 Reasons on How X Can Help You Y.”

A post like this has the potential to close the gap between “Aware of your solution” and “I want your solution”

Another example would be a blog post that creates awareness for a need. For example: “3 Eye-Opening Benefits of Vegan Cooking That Will Fuel Your Endurance.”

So, whether you want to enter someone into the buying process or convince them of something down the road. Blog posts are a very flexible tool helping you guide your target audience to where you want them to be.

#3 Blog posts help with Facebook Retargeting

Would you agree that the more targeted your traffic is that you run to your website the better will be your results?


Let’s look at how blog posts help us achieve exactly that by using Facebook Retargeting.

Retargeting is the process of targeting people that have visited your website in the past. It’s when you visit an online-store and then have the products of that store magically pop up in your news feed.

So how can we combine blog posts with Facebook Retargeting?

You can create custom audiences from people that visited your specific posts.

Let’s look at an example.

Your visitors read your post on getting more Instagram followers. This indicates that they have a strong interest in increasing their Instagram audience. Obviously.

Now, you can make use of that information in two ways:

  • Create a custom audience that includes all the people that read your post. Then run ads that offer them the next step of the sales funnel. For example, a lead magnet or paid product. This makes your ad more relevant to your audience. It also makes your product or service easier to sell because you’ve built leverage upfront, remember?
  • Create a Lookalike Audience from your custom audience. Now you have around 1-10 million people from your country that are very likely to be in need of more content around Instagram Growth.

That means:

You drive more targeted traffic to more relevant offers. Which results in more conversions and less cost per conversion.

It’s win-win all over the place.


Now, all these benefits should make you think of your next blog post as an asset. A marketing tool. It’s not a nicety or something you do because everyone does it. It’s an asset that you craft once, and it will pay you back for months and years to come.

Where to go from here?

You already have a blog. Yet, you’re not confident about your content strategy and what you should write about.

If you need a jumpstart on blogging I recommend getting the bestseller The One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand. It will be one of the best $9 you’ve ever invested in a book. It helped me build my whole content strategy for Thriverr with ease.

You don’t have a blog or website yet

Choose a hoster of your choice, install WordPress, pick a free theme and start writing. inMotion gives you a 25% discount on their hosting if you use this link.

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You don’t own a blog and you’re also not much of a writer. Yet, you would like to use the benefits of blogging – especially the retargeting thingy.

You can use other people’s blogs, drive traffic to them and get the visitor’s data sent to your Facebook Pixel. You can even show a Call To Action on that blog article, for example, an opt-in form. The tool that allows you to do all this is Sniply. It’s free for up to 1K clicks per month.

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Happy hustling!
~ David